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Published: 08 May 2017
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Published: 11 Dec 2016

The walls are plastered with Post-Its and Posters. There are wild drawings, concept designs, business models scattered all over them in all sorts of colours and sizes. The tables are packed with pens, computers, books and, most notably, a notorious tower of empty ...

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Published: 10 Dec 2016

Innovation does not happen out of nowhere. It is created in a process that demands structure and absolute freedom to possibility. Not letting limits affect your mind is crucial while shaping the future.
One concept of getting your mind free of limits and ...

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Published: 13 Sep 2016

Can you live with 2 euro a day on food for one month… as a student?

My name is Petar Ivanov. I am studying International Marketing at Fontys and this summer I conducted a food experiment. I wanted to find out if it’s possible to live with 2 euro a day ...

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Published: 08 Apr 2016

This week, the first five film topics of the Fontys Food Film challenge are introduced.

These topics are:

  • Sugary and healthy - mission impossible?
  • Quality is a question of taste - or?
  • On christmas we are going to eat turkey out of a 3D printer
  • If we perform gene mutation on plants, are ...

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Published: 07 Apr 2016

You have ideas but no one to talk to? Daily work keeps you busy but you wanna exchange ideas? That’s what we do, we offer room for creativity and new ideas. Find your soulmates to discuss ideas, concepts, share experiences or simply laugh! Sounds weird to some (maybe weird :-) ...

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Published: 30 Mar 2016

A colleague and I prepared a small hands-on workshop for other colleagues on paperless working. Whereas it is more than paperless, it is simply "going digital". We have been discussing paperless working, we have been discussing Zero-Email policies, we have had discussions about much more, And...nothing changed. At least soo ...

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Published: 09 Mar 2016

Make our Campus a healthier place. We seek an interdisciplinary team of student from industrial design, logistics, IT,  business and marketing and any other motivated student!

Help the Fontys students, teachers and personnel to eat healthier by making it easier for them to buy and prepare honest, fresh and locally produced ...

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Published: 26 Jan 2016

Last November I did a small research in context of my module “Applied Research”. This research was about evaluating the changes we made to the carpooling user interface.

We did these changes to the user interface to improve the usability of the application. After the Beta test in September we found ...

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Published: 13 Jan 2016
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Published: 07 Dec 2015

Like I already introduced, Carpooling handled authentication, which means login and the right to visit the 'inner parts of Carpooling', itself. Therefor you had to submit your Fontys credentials to the login form. That worked and was not completely unsecure, of course. It just didn't go along with Fontys' cybersecurity ...

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Published: 04 Dec 2015


WE ARE THERE :-) After joining the OEB conference the last two years as participant, this year I got the chance to speak on how we came to the idea of stimulating change in education in samll steps. I ll be showcasing some examples of projects which we ran this ...

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Published: 23 Sep 2015
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Published: 21 Sep 2015

I was a little bit astonished when I read about the Food Filmfestival on Tour. For 5 years now, this team of ambitious people from Amsterdam is busy with presenting food films and organizing discussions and I´ve never heard about it. That´s interesting as I´m searching the internet for quite ...

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Published: 14 Sep 2015
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Published: 12 Aug 2015

Congrats to Sven! yes

As an Innolab project, Sven continued to develop a previous Software Factory project (with the students: Jens, Lukas, Kristjan, Dominic, Gerrit and Richard - thanks to you!) as InnoLab project. Sven got nominated for the Fontys wide "Denk Groter" Award 2015, ...

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