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Published: 07 Dec 2015

Carpooling increases your security using SURFconext for login

Fontys Carpooling handled the login mechanism on its own until now. We're always trying to keep our eyes on security aspects of our users. Therefor we introduced SURFconext for authentication now instead of asking you for your credentials ourself. It's just like the way you log into your student account and mail postbox. Great, isn't it?

Like I already introduced, Carpooling handled authentication, which means login and the right to visit the 'inner parts of Carpooling', itself. Therefor you had to submit your Fontys credentials to the login form. That worked and was not completely unsecure, of course. It just didn't go along with Fontys' cybersecurity standards so we were obliged to implement a new authentication engine.

This new engine is called SURFconext which is an open collaboration infrastructure. It allows students and docents from Dutch higher education and employees of research institutes to sign in to needed services with their institutional identity (e.g. your PCN and password at Fontys). That has a lot of benefits. At first, you do not need special accounts for all services. Maintaining dozens of accounts is irritation, right? Also the circle of potential users of application is limited to the authorized ones: Carpooling should only be used by students and docents of course. Last but not least SURFconext can ensure that their authentication is secure and well working, because it's their core business and they take care of it.

You see that we introduced a good thing for the purpose of making Carpooling more attractive to use for you. It also gives the future perspective of introducing Fontys Carpooling to other campuses all around The Netherlands and even other higher education institutes.

We hope you like our developments and the soon relaunch of Carpooling will convince you to regular use it, again. See you on the road!

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