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Published: 07 Apr 2016

Braindrain - Idea Exchange

Meeting without results? Do you recognize that? We sit together without purpose as a purpose, but with great potential outcomes!

You have ideas but no one to talk to? Daily work keeps you busy but you wanna exchange ideas? That’s what we do, we offer room for creativity and new ideas. Find your soulmates to discuss ideas, concepts, share experiences or simply laugh! Sounds weird to some (maybe weird :-) people, but indeed we want to offer colleagues and students the chance to discuss anything around education they are interested in. This stimulates exchange of opinions, ideas and much more. We strongly believe that this will stimulate new ideas, which hopefully result in new projects.
Join us in the InnoLab, we are open every week Tuesdays or Thursdays. The next meetings are on the
 14th and 19th of April always at 5pm in the InnoLab.

The InnoLab Team

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