Project Manager:

Lynn Daemen

90 days challenge

The goal of the project is:
Raise awareness among staff and students that the Campus languages (English, Dutch and German) are part of our genes but it requires respects and attention to never exclude anyone by disregarding their language. This campaign will tackle this long known issue for the first time in an indirect way not blaming anyone but raising the awareness through humour.


Lookback 2015:
In the meetings following, mostly designs were discussed. It was overall a very creative process, in which we found a lot of help in each other. We moved from a beginning idea (a few people meeting each other) to a whole other approach involving alcohol. We switched this up, due to the fact that we felt students, such as us, would not feel compelled to look at more of the same, which had already been done.  Below is an example of a meetings’ minutes.

Throughout a meeting, the group went everywhere with their minds, it made it significantly harder to make proper minutes. These minutes were made slightly more to the end of the project,here it is visible that the ideas became more clear, and people became more inventive, while starting to build more upon the ideas that were there already. 

During the project, there were quite a few things that would have been able to go much faster. The biggest difficulty were the designs, which took quite long to be made, they were done approximately two weeks before the launch of the project. Ordering the posters didn’t go as well due to the dependency the students had on the teacher in this case, and the teacher towards the institutes financial department. 

Flyer 90 Day Challenge

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