Project Manager:

Florian Antony

Fontys Carpooling

You know that problem with searching a parking lot if you don't come to the first hour? Already found a yellow message at your car or even worse a bill by the city? We have the solution! Fontys Carpooling lets you find your perfect match for car sharing.

At the beginning this project was software factory (SOFA) project of the SEBI-Department. Florian Antony, who was also part of the original SOFA team, took this project over for his bachelor project and develop the application as it is now. 

What makes Fontys Carpooling special?

Carpooling is not a simple contact exchange. On the basis of your way to Fontys, Carpooling finds the people who have nearly the same way to drive. You do not have to go through a big list of offers, Carpooling will send you a notification if there is a good match to your way. This also takes into account on which time you want to drive from or to Fontys. 

Version 2.0

During November 2015 we improved the user interface of Fontys Carpooling, so the application will be easier and intuitively to use for everybody.
We also increased the overall security by using the official Fontys login system.

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