Project Manager:

Sven Mäurer

Fontys Discovery

Fontys Discovery is a project of the InnoLab that started in September 2014 together with a group of Software Engineering students as part of their study program. After one semester it has been continued as bachelor thesis by Sven Mäurer who is a Software Engineering student as well. 
Goal of the project is to enhance the study period at the Campus Venlo and simultaneously introduce the new iBeacon technology. With the iBeacon technology an indoor solution for GPS has been found. It offers developers to implement their Apps with a positioning inside buildings. For the Fontys Discovery App this means that position based data can be offered as well as navigating the user through the building. Of course it is also possible to use the App without positiong and just use the information that is offered for the Campus. This information are rooms, events, news or study course information on open days.

We hope you will enjoy using the App and feel more comfortable to study at Fontys Venlo.

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