About Us

Name: Fabian Girod
Title: free spirit & life long learner
What I do: trying to help the team to enjoy work and deliver what we think is great for colleagues and students
Interests: 1. travelling 2. observing 3. fantasy. --> all 3 interests together are complements and Give me ideas and insights. And i truly believe that travelling educates, even more than i could ever teach students in class.

Name: Frederik Hoolhorst
What I do: Lecturer Industrial design engineering
Interests: I am a lecturer and researcher with a background in industrial design engineering. My professional interest particularly relate to user-centred design, consumer behaviour, design methodology, design research as well as eco-design.

Name: Aukje Schurer
What I do: Policy officer Educational Quality
Interests: improving learning, quality management

Name: Helena Stickelbroeck
What I do: The creative mind for all cases
Interests: i like to travel. I like the experience to other cultures, other people and other countrys. This opends my mind to new ideas.

Name: Tobias Derksen
What I do: Maintaining the software stack and providing technical knowlegde.
Interests: I am interested in nearly any kind of modern technology to make my life more interesting. When I am not busy with developing something new, I make music playing an instrument.